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Phrasal Verbs and Double Comparative

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Phrasal Verbs (Introduction) - Lesson 17 - English Grammar
Topic: Phrasal verbs.
This is an introduction to phrasal verbs (two-part verbs/ multi-word verbs/ particle verbs).
Level: intermediate to advanced.
The presentation has been created for upper level students, who most likely have already studied this topic to some degree. This first lesson on phrasal verbs then serves more as an opportunity to review, rethink, and expand students' knowledge. I explain what phrasal verbs are and when we use them.
Phrasal Verbs (Structure) - Lesson 18 - English Grammar
Topic: The structure of phrasal verbs.
This is the second of a series of lessons on phrasal verbs (also called two-part verbs, particle verbs, and a number of other names). I explain how phrasal verbs can be transitive or intransitive as well as separable or inseparable.

Phrasal Verbs (Pronunciation) - Lesson 19 - English Grammar
Topic: Pronunciation patterns of phrasal verbs
Level: Advanced
This lesson shows how grammar and pronunciation are related. The stress patterns used for phrasal verbs are guided by sentence structure.
Learn three common patterns and achieve more natural rhythm in your own use of phrasal verbs
Phrasal Verbs & Compound Words - Lesson 20 - English Grammar
Topic: Compound words (nouns and adjectives) formed from phrasal verbs. Special attention is given to the pronunciation of the compound words (stress patterns).
Level: high intermediate to advanced

Double Comparatives - Lesson 21 - English Grammar
Topic: Double comparatives (as in "The more, the merrier.") Using comparative forms to express cause and effect.
Level: intermediate to advanced.

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