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This is page twenty-two and last page of the series of video lessons, “Daily Dose of English”.

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I’ve really let the cat out of the bag with this Daily Dose of English. I wonder if the fact that I forgot to include the expression “put the cat among the pigeons” will go against me? Or will I still be the cat’s whiskers as far as online English teaching goes? Anyway, I’m no scaredy cat, so who cares. I haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance of getting everything right all of the time.

Would or Used To

Whether to use would or used to to talk about the past confuses many students. This Daily Dose of English is an attempt to explain it as concisely as possible. It uses some examples to help you understand when to use would or used to.


Dogs are man’s best friend, which probably accounts for there being so many expressions connected with them. I’ve doggedly gone after as many of these expressions that I could think of and have put them in this Daily Dose of English. You need never be afraid of dogs again, at least not when they are in English sentences.

For Me To Me

This Daily Dose of English answers a video request from Dato in Georgia. He wanted to know how we use “for” and “to” with “me”. It’s much more complicated than it first seems. “For” and “to” are used in so many ways, that I thought it would be better if I presented some examples of their usage. You will then be able to see how they are used.

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