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Daily Dose of English - Page 18

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This is page eighteen of the series of video lessons, "Daily Dose of English".

Everyday Sounds

Today, I'm looking at everyday sounds and what we call them.

People Sounds

People make sounds. People make sounds all the time and these sounds have names. In this Daily Dose of English I've put together a collection of some of the common sounds that human beings make so that you'll be able to put a name to them when you hear them or when you're talking about them.

Animal Sounds

We speak, but what do animals do? This Daily Dose of English answers that question, at least as far as sheep, dogs, ravens, crows, rooks, chickens, hens, frogs, owls, cats, ducks, pigs and horses go.


English has many compound words that are loved by children because they're easy to remember and they're enjoyed by adults because they have a funny sound about them because both the words in the compound sound very similar.

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