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The Human Body

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Skeletal System
The skeletal system serves many purposes in an organism's body, including supporting and protecting body movements and producing red blood cells that the circulatory system carries. Jellyfish and worms have skeletons which are hydrostatic and allow the organism to push water in or out of their bodies. Arthropods have exoskeletons. Humans are vertebrates and have an endoskeleton made mainly of collagen.
Understanding the functions of the skeletal system.
Endocrine System
The endocrine system signals information to help the body function. Each gland in the endocrine system produces a different type of hormone to regulate all the different types of functions in the body. The endocrine system is different from the nervous system because messages travel much more slowly but responses last much longer.
Understanding the functions of the endocrine system

Nervous System
The nervous system is a network of neurons that send signals to different parts of an organism's body to coordinate the actions of the organisms. Most animals have two parts to their nervous systems - the central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord while the peripheral nervous system includes sensory neurons and nerves. The nervous system is different from the endocrine system because its messages travel more quickly and don't last as long.
The structure and function of the nervous system.
Sensory System
The sensory system is the part of the nervous system that recognizes and processes sensory information. This system includes sensory receptors, neural pathways and parts of the brain. The sensory system is comprised of vision, hearing, somatic sensation, taste and olfaction.
Understanding the functions of the sensory system

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