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Electronegativity and Ionization Energy

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In this video, we will learn

  • Electronegativity
  • Ionization Energy - Periodic Trends
  • Atomic Radii - Ionic Radii

Electronegativity is a quantitative measure of how tightly an atom holds onto its electrons. Bond polarity results from imbalanced electronegativities of the atoms involved in bonding. Electronegativity is a periodic trend which increases as you go up and to the right along the periodic table.
An overview of the periodic trend of electronegativity.
Electronegativity trends are examined in connection to the periodic table.

Ionization Energy - Periodic Trends
Ionization energy is the minimum energy required to remove an electron from the ground state of an atom. Ionization energy is a periodic trend which increases going from top to bottom and left to right across the periodic table.
What an ion is. Using the periodic table to understand how difficult it is to ionize an atom.
The periodic trend of ionization energy.

Atomic Radii - Ionic Radii
Atomic and ionic radii are distances away from the nucleus or central atom that have different periodic trends. Atomic is the distance away from the nucleus. Atomic radius increases going from top to bottom and decreases going across the periodic table. Ionic radius is the distance away from the central atom. Ionic radius increases going from top to bottom and decreases across the periodic table.
The periodic trend of atomic radii.
This video covers the trends of atomic and ionic radius as well as comparing ions and atom sizes.

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