Edexcel June 2021 IGCSE 4MA1/1F

Edexcel IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 4MA1/1F.

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Edexcel June 2021 IGCSE, 4MA1/1F questions (pdf)

  1. From the numbers in the box, write down
    (a) a factor of 40
    (b) a multiple of 7
    (c) a prime number
    (d) a square number
    (e) the two numbers with a difference of 31
  2. The diagram shows part of a number line.
    12 13 14
    (a) Write down the number marked with the arrow.
    The diagram shows a parcel on weighing scales.
    The parcel weighs less than 6kg.
    (b) How many kilograms less?
    (c) Change 7.6 metres into centimetres.
    (d) Change 91 600 millilitres into litres.
    Ivan goes to the gym at 7:15pm.
    (e) Write this time using the 24-hour clock
  3. Find the number that is exactly halfway between 3.7 and 6.1
  4. (a) Simplify 3×10d
    (b) Simplify 8e + e − 5e
    (c) Solve 6g = 42
    (d) Solve 24 = 10 + h

  1. (a) Write these numbers in order of size.
    Start with the smallest number.
    2.08 2.13 2.7 2.0034 2.111
    (b) Write 5.8394 correct to 2 decimal places.
    (c) Write 0.73 as a fraction
  2. Janine has 2 litres of orange squash.
    She also has some empty cups.
    When full, each cup holds 300 millilitres of orange squash.
    Janine fills as many cups as possible.
    How much orange squash does Janine have left after filling as many cups as possible?
    State the units of your answer.
  3. The diagram shows a rectangle and a square.
  4. Some students leaving a language school one day were each asked which language lesson they had just attended.
    The table and the pie chart give some information about their answers
  5. In a shop, pens cost 34 cents each.
    The shop has a special offer on the pens.
  6. (a)Write these fractions in order of size.
    Start with the smallest fraction.
  7. The diagram shows a square ABCD and a regular pentagon CDEFG.
  8. The diagram shows a shaded shape on a grid
  9. Buses leave a bus station to go to the hospital every 16 minutes.
    Buses leave the same bus station to go to the college every 20 minutes.
    At 9 am a bus leaves the bus station to go to the hospital and at the same time a bus leaves the bus station to go to the college.
    Work out the next time that a bus leaves the bus station to go to the hospital and at the same time a bus leaves the bus station to go to the college.
  10. E = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15}
    A = {even numbers}
    B = {multiples of 3}
    Complete the Venn diagram for the sets E, A and B.
    15.150 students were each asked to name their favourite sport from hockey, rugby and football.
    The two-way table gives information about the results.
    (a) Complete the two-way table.
    (b) Work out what percentage of the 150 students are in year 10
  11. A plane flew from Madrid to Dubai.
    The distance the plane flew was 5658km.
    The flight time was 8 hours 12 minutes.
    Work out the average speed of the plane.
  12. Here are the first 4 terms of an arithmetic sequence.
    85 79 73 67
    Find an expression, in terms of n, for the nth term of the sequence.
  13. The diagram shows the shape ABCDE.
    The area of the shape is 91.8cm2
    Work out the value of x.
  14. On a farm there are chickens, ducks and pigs.
    The ratio of the number of chickens to the number of ducks is 7:2
    The ratio of the number of ducks to the number of pigs is 5:9
    There are 36 pigs on the farm.
    Work out the number of chickens on the farm
  15. (a) Expand and simplify 3x(2x + 3) – x(3x + 5)
    (b) Make t the subject of the formula p = at – d
  16. Grace has a biased 5-sided spinner.
  17. Write down the inequality shown on the number line
  18. The table shows the populations of five countries
  19. (a) Factorise fully
  20. Jethro has sat 5 tests.
    Each test was marked out of 100 and Jethro’s mean mark for the 5 tests is 74
    Jethro has to sit one more test that is also to be marked out of 100
    Jethro wants his mean mark for all 6 tests to be at least 77
    Work out the least mark that Jethro needs to get for the last test.

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