Edexcel Jan 2021 IGCSE 4MA1/2H

Edexcel IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 4MA1/2H.

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Edexcel Jan 2021 IGCSE, 4MA1/2H questions (pdf)

  1. A train takes 6 hours 39 minutes to travel from New Delhi to Kanpur.
    The train travels a distance of 429km.
    Work out the average speed of the train.
    Give your answer in km/h correct to one decimal place.
  2. Ava writes down five whole numbers.
    For these five numbers
    the median is 7
    the mode is 8
    the range is 5
    Find a possible value for each of the five numbers that Ava writes down
  3. Gladys buys a table for $465 to sell in her shop.
    She sells the table for $520
    (a) Work out the percentage profit that Gladys makes from the sale of the table.
    Give your answer correct to 3 significant figures.
    Gladys has a sale in her shop.
    She decreases all the normal prices by 12%
    The normal price of an armchair was $550
    (b) Work out the sale price of the armchair.
  4. (a) On the grid, draw and label the straight line with equation
    (i) x = 1.5
    (ii) y = x
    (iii) x + y = 6
  5. (a) Expand and simplify 4x(2x + 5) – 3x(2x – 3)
  6. (a) Write down the value of y0

  1. There are 5 cocoa pods in a bag.
    The mean weight of the 5 cocoa pods is 398 grams.
    A sixth cocoa pod is put into the bag.
    The mean weight of the 6 cocoa pods is 401 grams.
    Work out the weight of the sixth cocoa pod that is put into the bag.
  2. A, B and C are points on a circle with centre O.
  3. Find the lowest common multiple (LCM) of A and B.
    Give your answer as a product of powers of prime numbers.
  4. The people working for a company work in Team A or in Team B. number of people in Team A: number of people in Team B = 3:4
  5. Simplify fully
  6. 15 people were asked how long, in minutes, they had been waiting for a bus.
    Here are the results.
  7. P, Q, R, S and T are points on a circle with centre O.
  8. (a) Solve
  9. A postman records the weight of each parcel that he delivers.
    The histogram shows information about the weights of all the parcels that the postman delivered last Monday. No parcels weighed more than 6kg.
  10. Some students were asked the following question.
    “Which of the subjects Russian (R), French (F) and German (G) do you study?”
    Of these students
    4 study all three of Russian, French and German
    10 study Russian and French
    13 study French and German
    6 study Russian and German
    24 study German
    11 study none of the three subjects
    the number who study Russian only is twice the number who study French only.
    Let x be the number of students who study French only.
    (a) Show all this information on the Venn diagram, giving the number of students in each appropriate subset, in terms of x where necessary
    Given that the number of students who were asked the question was 80
    (b) work out the number of these students that study Russian.
  11. The diagram shows a solid prism ABCDEFGH.
  12. A rectangle ABCD is to be drawn on a centimetre grid such that
    A has coordinates (–4, –2)
    B has coordinates (1, 10)
    C has coordinates (19, a)
    D has coordinates (b, c)
    (a) Work out the value of a, the value of b and the value of c.
    (b) Calculate the perimeter, in centimetres, of rectangle ABCD.
  13. A particle P is moving along a straight line.
    The fixed point O lies on this line.
    At time t seconds where t ≥ 0, the displacement, s metres, of P from O is given by
  14. The diagram shows a shaded region T formed by removing an equilateral triangle PQR from a regular hexagon ABCDEF.
    The points P and Q lie on AB such that AB = 1.5×PQ
  15. Write
  16. The diagram shows a sector OBC of a circle with centre O and radius (6 + x) cm.

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