Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2020 - Paper 1MA1/1H

Questions and Worked Solutions for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2020 Paper 1MA1/1H (Non-Calculator)

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Edexcel GCSE November 2020 Paper 1MA1/1H (Non-Calculator) Solutions

Note: Past papers from the October and November 2020 examination series have summer dates on them because the assessment material was reused from the cancelled summer 2020 examination series.
Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2020 Past Paper 1MA1/1H (PDF)

  1. The first five terms of an arithmetic sequence are
    1 4 7 10 13
    Write down an expression, in terms of n, for the nth term of this sequence.
  2. Show that 2 1/3 × 3 3/4 = 8 3/4
  3. The diagram shows four graphs.
  4. The diagram shows four triangles.
    Two of these triangles are congruent.
    Write down the letters of these two triangles.
  5. Sean pays £10 for 24 chocolate bars.
    He sells all 24 chocolate bars for 50p each.
    Work out Sean’s percentage profit.
  6. ADC is a triangle.
    AED and ABC are straight lines.
    EB is parallel to DC.
    Angle EBC = 148°
    Angle ADC = 63°
    Work out the size of angle EAB.
    You must give a reason for each stage of your working.
  7. The table shows information about the heights, in cm, of a group of Year 9 girls.
  8. The diagram shows a prism placed on a horizontal floor.
    The prism has height 3m
    The volume of the prism is 18m3
    The pressure on the floor due to the prism is 75 newtons/m2
    Work out the force exerted by the prism on the floor.
  9. Write these numbers in order of size.
    Start with the smallest number.
  10. Given that

  1. (a) Find the value of
  2. The table gives information about the weekly wages of 80 people.
    (a) Complete the cumulative frequency table.
  3. Liquid A and liquid B are mixed to make liquid C.
    Liquid A has a density of 70kg/m3
    Liquid A has a mass of 1400 kg
    Liquid B has a density of 280 kg/m3
    Liquid B has a volume of 30m3
    Work out the density of liquid C.
  4. Sally plays two games against Martin.
    In each game, Sally could win, draw or lose.
    In each game they play,
    the probability that Sally will win against Martin is 0.3
    the probability that Sally will draw against Martin is 0.1
    Work out the probability that Sally will win exactly one of the two games against Martin.
  5. The straight line L1 has equation y = 3x – 4
    The straight line L2 is perpendicular to L1 and passes through the point (9, 5)
    Find an equation of line L2
  6. (Shirley wants to find an estimate for the number of bees in her hive.
    On Monday she catches 90 of the bees.
    She puts a mark on each bee and returns them to her hive.
    On Tuesday she catches 120 of the bees.
    She finds that 20 of these bees have been marked.
    (a) Work out an estimate for the total number of bees in her hive.
    Shirley assumes that none of the marks had rubbed off between Monday and Tuesday.
    (b) If Shirley’s assumption is wrong, explain what effect this would have on your answer to part (a).
  7. Make f the subject of the formula
  8. x is proportional to √y where y > 0
    y is increased by 44%
    Work out the percentage increase in x.
  9. f and g are functions such that
  10. Show that

  1. DEF is a triangle.
  2. The diagram shows two shaded shapes, A and B.
    Shape A is formed by removing a sector of a circle with radius (3x – 1) cm from a sector of the circle with radius (5x – 1) cm.
    Shape B is a circle of diameter (2 – 2x) cm.
  3. There are four types of cards in a game.
    Each card has a black circle or a white circle or a black triangle or a white triangle.

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