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Edexcel GCSE Mathematics May 2017 - Paper 1H

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Questions and Worked Solutions for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics May 2017 Paper 1H (Calculator)

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics May 2017 Past Paper 1H (Pdf)

Edexcel GCSE May 2017 Paper 1H (No Calculator) Solutions for Questions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,12,13,15,20
Edexcel GCSE May 2017 Paper 1H (No Calculator) Solutions for Questions 8,10,14,16,17,22
1. The scatter graph shows the maximum temperature and the number of hours of sunshine in fourteen British towns on one day.
One of the points is an outlier.
(a) Write down the coordinates of this point.
(b) For all the other points write down the type of correlation.
On the same day, in another British town, the maximum temperature was 16.4°C.
(c) Estimate the number of hours of sunshine in this town on this day.
A weatherman says,
“Temperatures are higher on days when there is more sunshine.”
(d) Does the scatter graph support what the weatherman says?
Give a reason for your answer.

2. Express 56 as the product of its prime factors.

3. Work out 54.6 × 4.3

4. The area of square ABCD is 10 cm2. Show that x2 + 6x = 1

5. This rectangular frame is made from 5 straight pieces of metal.
The weight of the metal is 1.5 kg per metre.
Work out the total weight of the metal in the frame.

6. The equation of the line L1 is y = 3x – 2.
The equation of the line L2 is 3y – 9x + 5 = 0.
Show that these two lines are parallel.

7. There are 10 boys and 20 girls in a class.
The class has a test.
The mean mark for all the class is 60,
The mean mark for the girls is 54.
Work out the mean mark for the boys.

8. (a) Write 7.97 × 10-6 as an ordinary number.
(b) Work out the value of (2.52 × 105) ÷ (4 × 10-3)
Give your answer in standard form.

9. Jules buys a washing machine.
20% VAT is added to the price of the washing machine.
Jules then has to pay a total of £600
What is the price of the washing machine with no VAT added?

10. Show that (x + 1)(x + 2)(x + 3) can be written in the form ax3 + bx2 + cx + d

11. The graph of y = f(x) is drawn on the grid.
(a) Write down the coordinates of the turning point of the graph.
(b) Write down estimates for the roots of f(x) = 0.
(c) Use the graph to find an estimate for f(1, 5)

12. (a) Find the value of 81-1/2
(b) Find the value of (64/125)2/3

13. The table shows a set of values for x and y.
y is inversely proportional to the square of x.
(a) Find an equation for y in terms of x.
(b) Find the positive value of x when y = 16.

14. White shapes and black shapes are used in a game.
Some of the shapes are circles.
All the other shapes are squares.
The ratio of the number of white shapes to the number of black shapes is 3:7
The ratio of the number of white circles to the number of white squares is 4:5
The ratio of the number of black circles to the number of black squares is 4:5
Work out what fraction of all the shapes are circles.

15. A cone has a volume of 98 cm3. The radius of the cone is 5.13 cm. (a) Work out an estimate for the height of the cone.
John uses a calculator to work out the height of the cone to 2 decimal places.
(b) Will your estimate be more than John’s answer or less than John’s answer?
Give reasons for your answer.

16. n is an integer greater than 1
Prove algebraically that n2 – 2 – (n – 2)2 is always an even number.

17. There are 9 counters in a bag.
7 of the counters are green.
2 of the counters are blue.
Ria takes at random two counters from the bag.
Work out the probability that Ria takes one counter of each colour.
You must show your working.

18. ABCD is a rhombus.
The coordinates of A are (5,11)
The equation of the diagonal DB is y = 1/2 x + 6
Find an equation of the diagonal AC.

19. OABC is a parallelogram.
OA = a and OC = c
X is the midpoint of the line AC.
OCD is a straight line so that OC : CD = k : 1
Given that XD = 3c - 1/2 a
find the value of k.

20. Solve algebraically the simultaneous equations
x2 + y2 = 25
y – 3x = 13

21. ABCD is a quadrilateral.
AB = CD.
Angle ABC = angle BCD.
Prove that AC = BD.

22. The diagram shows a hexagon ABCDEF.
ABEF and CBED are congruent parallelograms where AB = BC = x cm.
P is the point on AF and Q is the point on CD such that BP = BQ = 10 cm.
Given that angle ABC = 30°,
prove that cos PBQ = 1 - (2 - √3)/200 x2

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