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Edexcel Core Mathematics C1 May 2017

Questions and Worked Solutions for C1 Edexcel Core Mathematics May 2017.

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Edexcel Core Mathematics C1 May 2017 Past Paper

1. Find
∫(2x5 - 1/4x3 - 5)dx
giving each term in its simplest form.
2. Given find the value of dy/dx when x = 8, writing your answer in the form a√2 , where a is a rational number. 3. A sequence a1, a2, a3,… is defined by
where k is a positive constant.
(a) Write down expressions for a2 and a3 in terms of k, giving your answers in their simplest form.
Given that (b) find an exact value for k.
4. A company, which is making 140 bicycles each week, plans to increase its production. The number of bicycles produced is to be increased by d each week, starting from 140 in week 1, to 140 + d in week 2, to 140 + 2d in week 3 and so on, until the company is producing 206 in week 12.
(a) Find the value of d.
After week 12 the company plans to continue making 206 bicycles each week.
(b) Find the total number of bicycles that would be made in the first 52 weeks starting from and including week 1.

5. f(x) = x2 – 8x + 19
(a) Express f(x) in the form (x + a)2 + b, where a and b are constants.
The curve C with equation y = f(x) crosses the y-axis at the point P and has a minimum point at the point Q.
(b) Sketch the graph of C showing the coordinates of point P and the coordinates of point Q.
(c) Find the distance PQ, writing your answer as a simplified surd 6. (a) Given y = 2x, show that
22x+1 - 17(2x) + 8 = 0
can be written in the form
2y2 – 17y + 8 = 0
(b) Hence solve
22x+1 - 17(2x) + 8 = 0 7. The curve C has equation y = f(x), x > 0, where
f'(x) = 30 + (6 - 5x2)/√x
Given that the point P(4, –8) lies on C,
(a) find the equation of the tangent to C at P, giving your answer in the form y = mx + c, where m and c are constants.
(b) Find f(x), giving each term in its simplest form 8. The straight line l1, shown in Figure 1, has equation 5y = 4x + 10
The point P with x coordinate 5 lies on l1
The straight line l2 is perpendicular to l1 and passes through P.
(a) Find an equation for l2, writing your answer in the form ax + by + c = 0 where a, b and c are integers.
The lines l1 and l2 cut the x-axis at the points S and T respectively, as shown in Figure 1.
(b) Calculate the area of triangle SPT.

9. (a) On separate axes sketch the graphs of
(i) y = –3x + c, where c is a positive constant,
(ii) y = 1/x + 5
On each sketch show the coordinates of any point at which the graph crosses the y-axis and the equation of any horizontal asymptote.
Given that y = –3x + c, where c is a positive constant, meets the curve y = 1/x + 5 at two distinct points,
(b) show that (5 – c)2 > 12
(c) Hence find the range of possible values for c 10. Figure 2 shows a sketch of part of the curve y = f(x), x ∈ ℝ, where
f(x) = (2x – 5)2(x + 3)
(a) Given that
(i) the curve with equation y = f(x) – k, x ∈ ℝ passes through the origin, find the value of the constant k,
(ii) the curve with equation y = f(x + c), x ∈ ℝ, has a minimum point at the origin, find the value of the constant c.
f'(x) = 12x2 – 16x – 35
Points A and B are distinct points that lie on the curve y = f(x).
The gradient of the curve at A is equal to the gradient of the curve at B.
Given that point A has x coordinate 3
(c) find the x coordinate of point B.

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