Effects of Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol

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Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol
• Chemicals that affect the central nervous, changing behaviour and possibly addiction.

  • Stimulant (e.g. Caffeine): speeds up reactions
  • Depressant (e.g. Alcohol): slows reactions
  • Painkillers (e.g. Morphine): blocks nerve impulses
  • Halucinogen (e.g. LSD): changes sense perception

• Tobacco smoke contains many chemicals affecting health

  • Nicotine: Stimulant, addictive
  • Tar: Carcinogen (causes cancer)
  • Carbon monoxide: Reduces oxygen levels in blood

• Alcohol

  • Short term effects: Blurred vision, lowered inhibitions, slowed reactions
  • Long term effects: Liver cirrhosis (could require transplant), brain damage

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