Division Word Problems with Remainders

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Examples, solutions and videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to solve division word problems with remainders.

Common Core Standards: 4.NBT.6, 4.OA.3

New York State Common Core Math Grade 4, Module 3, Lesson 14

Worksheets for Grade 4

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 14 Concept Development
Problem 1: Divide a two-digit number by a one-digit number modeled with an array.
There are 12 students in PE class separated into 4 teams. How many students are on each team?

Problem 3: Divide a two-digit number by a one-digit number with a remainder modeled with a tape diagram.
Kristy bought 13 roses. If she puts 6 roses in each vase, how many vases will she use? Will there be any roses left over?

Problem 4: Divide a two-digit number by a one-digit number, interpreting the remainder.
Allison has 22 meters of fabric to sew dresses. She uses 3 meters of fabric for each dress. After how many dresses will Allison need to buy more fabric?

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 14 Homework
Solve the following problems. Use the RDW process.

  1. Linda makes booklets using 2 sheets of paper. She has 17 sheets of paper. How many of these booklets can she make? Will she have any extra paper? How many sheets?
  2. Linda uses thread to sew the booklets together. She cuts 6 inches of thread for each booklet. How many booklets can she stitch with 50 inches of thread? Will she have any unused thread after stitching up the booklets? If so, how much?
  3. Ms. Rochelle wants to put her 29 students into groups of 6. How many groups of 6 can she make? If she puts any remaining students in a smaller group, how many students will be in that group?
  4. A trainer gives his horse, Caballo, 7 gallons of water every day from a 57-gallon container. How many days will Caballo receive his full portion of water from the container? On which number day will the trainer need to refill the container of water?
  5. Meliza has 43 toy soldiers. She lines them up in rows of 5 to fight imaginary zombies. How many of these rows can she make? After making as many rows of 5 as she can, she puts the remaining soldiers in the last row. How many soldiers are in that row?
  6. Seventy-eight students are separated into groups of 8 for a field trip. How many groups are there? The remaining students form a smaller group of how many students?

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 14 Problem Set
Solve the following problems. Use the RDW process.

  1. There are 19 identical socks. How many pairs of socks are there? Will there be any socks without a match? If so, how many?
  2. If it takes 8 inches of ribbon to make a bow, how many bows can be made from 3 feet of ribbon (1 foot = 12 inches)? Will any ribbon be left over? If so, how much?
  3. The library has 27 chairs and 5 tables. If the same number of chairs is placed at each table, how many chairs can be placed at each table? Will there be any extra chairs? If so, how many?

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