Division Word Problems

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Word problems with division often involve sharing from a total number. Take note which number is the dividend and which should be the divisor to solve the problem correctly.


Rosie has 60 sweets. If she gave her friends 3 sweets each, how many friends can she share her sweets with?


[60 sweets] ÷ [3 for each friend]
60 ÷ 3 = 20 friends

Dividing can also be seen as a number of times that one quantity can be taken from a total. Take note what the question is asking for – sometimes the question may ask for the remainder rather than the quotient.


Sam has $17. He wants to buy some hot dogs at $3 each.
a) How many hot dogs can he buy?
b) How much money would he have left?


[$17] ÷ [3 per hot dog]
17 ÷ 3 = 5 R 2
a) He can buy 5 hot dogs (Answer from the quotient)
b) He would have $2 left (Answer from the remainder)

Division word problem example

Examples of word problems that require different types of operations

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