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Division and Squaring Properties of Equality

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, stories and songs to help Grade 6 students learn about the division property and squaring property of equality.

What is the division property of equality?
The division property of equality states that when you divide each side of an equation by the same nonzero number, the two sides remain equal.
We can use the division property of equality when solving equations.

What is the squaring property of equality?
The squaring property of equality states that when A = B then A2 = B2.
We can use the squaring property of equality when solving equations with square roots.

Division Property of Equality
Students learn the following properties of equality: reflexive, symmetric, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, substitution, and transitive.
What's the Division Property of Equality?
Solving equations can be tough, especially if you've forgotten or have trouble understanding the tools at your disposal. One of those tools is the division property of equality, and it lets you divide both sides of an equation by the same number

Algebra Help: Squaring Property of Equality
Understanding the squaring property of equality.
Solving Equations With One Square Root
How to solve equations with one square root?
1. Isolate the square root.
2. Square both sides of the equation.
3. Solve the equation.
4. Check which solutions of new equation are also solutions of the original.

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