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Divide by 2-digit Divisors Worksheets

In these free math worksheets, you can practice dividing by a 2-digit number using long division.

There are 5 sets of dividing by 2-digit divisor worksheets.

  • 2-digit divisor that is a multiple of 10. (eg. 41 ÷ 30)
  • 2-digit divisor, 2-digit dividend, 1-digit quotient. (eg. 65 ÷ 17)
  • 2-digit divisor, 3-digit dividend, 1-digit quotient. (eg. 258 ÷ 47)
  • 2-digit divisor, 3-digit dividend, 2-digit quotient. (eg. 580 ÷ 17)
  • 2-digit divisor, 4-digit dividend, 2-digit or 3-digit quotient. (eg. 4,859 ÷ 23)

You can also practice solving division word problems. You can either print the worksheets (pdf) or practice online.

How to divide by a 2-digit divisor?
These are the steps to divide by a 2-digit divisor using long division.
Step 1: Write the dividend (the number being divided) and divisor (the number we’re dividing by) in the long division format, with the dividend inside the division bracket and the divisor outside the division bracket.
Step 2: Work on the dividend from left to right. Determine how many times the divisor can go into the first digit of the dividend without exceeding it. (Use the multiplication facts to help you).
Step 3: If the divisor is larger than the first two digit, divide the first three digits of the dividend by the divisor.
Step 4: Write the quotient above the dividend.
Step 5: Multiply the quotient by the divisor to get the product. Write the product beneath the dividend.
Step 6: Subtract the product from the dividend.
Step 7: Bring down the next digit.
Step 8: Repeat the process until the dividend is less than the divisor.
Step 9: The final answer is the quotient plus any remainder (if there is one).
Step 10: Check your quotient and remainder by using multiplication and addition. Quotient × Divisor + Remainder = Dividend.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to divide by a 2-digit divisor.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
Scroll down the page for more Divide by 2-digit Divisors Worksheets.

Divide by 2-digit Divisors Worksheet

More Divide by 2-digit Divisors Worksheets

There are 5 sets of dividing by 2-digit divisor worksheets.
They will review the different skills required for dividing by 2-digit divisors.
The answers are on the second page.
Worksheet #1 (2-digit divisor that is a multiple of 10)
Worksheet #2 (2-digit divisor, 2-digit dividend, 1-digit quotient)
Worksheet #3 (2-digit divisor, 3-digit dividend, 1-digit quotient)
Worksheet #4 (2-digit divisor, 3-digit dividend, 2-digit quotient)
Worksheet #5 (2-digit divisor, 4-digit dividend, 2 or 3-digit quotient)

3 digits ÷ 2 digit, with remainder
4 digits ÷ 2 digit, with remainder

Division Word Problems

  1. A number divided by 80 has a quotient of 7 with 4 as a remainder. Find the number.
  2. A number divided by 40 has a quotient of 6 with a remainder of 16. Find the number.
  3. A 189-square-foot rectangular office has a length of 21 feet. What is the width of the office?
  4. Mrs. Silverstein sold 91 cupcakes at a food fair. The cupcakes were sold in boxes of 13. She sold all the cupcakes at $15 per box. How much money did she receive?
  5. Louis brings 79 pencils to school. After he gives each of his 15 classmates an equal number of pencils, he will give any leftover pencils to his teacher. How many pencils will Louis’ teacher receive?
  6. 27 students are learning to make balloon animals. There are 172 balloons to be shared equally among the students. How many balloons are left over after sharing them equally?
  7. A baker was going to arrange 432 desserts into rows of 28. The baker divides 432 by 28 and gets a quotient of 15 with remainder 12. Explain what the quotient and remainder represent.
    • Show Answer

      Quotient represents the number of desserts in each row.
      Remainder represents the number of desserts left over.

  8. Mr. Riley baked 1,692 chocolate cookies. He sold them in boxes of 36 cookies each. How much money did he collect if he sold them all at $8 per box?
  9. A political gathering in South America held 788 people. Each of South America’s 14 countries were equally represented. The remaining people were guests from the United States. How many guests were from the United States?

2-digit Divisor Lessons

2 digits ÷ 1 digit, no remainder
1 digit ÷ 1 digit, with remainder (Sprint)
2 digits ÷ 1 digit, with remainder

More Printable Worksheets

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