Differentiate Parametric Equations

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Parametric equations of curves and conversion between Cartesian and parametric forms.
Students should be able to find the area under a curve given its parametric equations.

Core 4 Maths A-Level Edexcel - Parametric Equations (1)
An introduction to parametric equations.

  1. The diagram shows a sketch of the curve with parametric equations x = t - 1, y = 4 - t2. The curve meets the x-axis a the points A and B. Find the coordinates of A and B.
  2. A curve has parametric equations x = at, y = a(t3 + 8), where a is a constant. The curve passes through the point (2,0). Find the value of a.
  3. A curve is given parametrically by the equations x = t2, y =4t. The line x + y + 4 = 0, meets the curve at A. Find the coordinates of A.

Core 4 Maths A-Level Edexcel - Parametric Equations (2)
Converting from parametric to cartesian form

Core 4 Maths A-Level Edexcel - Parametric Equations (3)
Area under a parametric curve

Parametric Equations : C4 Edexcel January 2013 Q5(a)(b)

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