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Decimals (Grade 6)


Videos, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 6 students learn to fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation.

Common Core: 6.NS.3

Suggested Learning Targets

  • I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals
  • I can use the standard algorithm when necessary.
  • I can fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation with speed and accuracy, without math tools (i.e., calculator).

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Common Core for Grade 6

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Component Skills from Previous Grades
5.NBT.7 Add & Subtract Decimals

5.NBT.7 Multiply & Divide Decimals
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to hundredths, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction; relate the strategy to a written method and explain the reasoning used.

Add & Subtract Decimals

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals.
Add & Subtract Decimals with word problems.

6.NS.3 - Subtracting Decimals
This video explains how to subtracting decimals. It also breaks down why the algorithm works using knowledge of equivalent fractions. This video meets the intent of Common Core math standard 6.NS.3.

Multiply Decimals

Multiplying decimals example 6.NS.3

Multiplying decimals more than one decimal place example 6.NS.3
Multiplying decimal examples.

Divide Decimals

6.NS.3 - Dividing Decimals
Dividing with decimals has been a misunderstood concept for many students until they see how it is done. This video explains how to divide with decimal divisors. It addresses the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in Grade 6, specifically 6.NS.3.
Dividing Decimals.

Dividing Decimals - Example 2.

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