Decimal Word Problems (1-Step Word Problem)

In these lessons, we will learn to use block models (or tape diagrams, bar models) to visualize and solve decimal work problems.

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Here are some examples of decimal word problems. We will illustrate how block diagrams can be used to help you to visualize the decimal word problems in terms of the information given and the data that needs to be found. Block diagrams or bar modeling are used in Singapore Math and tape diagrams are used in Common Core Math.

The length of a ribbon is 1.28 m. The length of a rope is 2.74 m longer than the ribbon. What is the length of the rope?

Decimal Word Problem

1.28 + 2.74 = 4.02

The length of the rope is 4.02 m.

The mass of a jar of sugar is 1.9 kg. What is the total mass of 4 such jars of sugar?


1.9 × 4 = 7.6

The total mass of 4 such jars of sugar is 7.6 kg.

A pail holds 5.2 l of water. A bottle holds 3.9 l less water than the pail. What is the volume of water in the bottle?


5.2 – 3.9 = 1.3

The volume of water in the bottle is 1.3 l.

Susan has 4 times as much money as her sister. If Susan has $10, how much money does her sister have?


$10 ÷ 4 = $2.50

Susan’s sister has $2.50.

Decimal Word Problems: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division


  1. Maneesha purchased a box of pencils for $1.28 and gave the cashier $10.00. How much change should she get back?
  2. If you buy an ebook for $29.62 and download 5 songs for $1.29 each, what is the total amount you have spent?
  3. Emilio’s batting average in his first year playing baseball was 0.089. In his second year, he improved to an average of 0.29. His third year, he improved even more to an average of 0.329. What is Emilio’s average over the three years? What is the difference between the first and third year averages?
  4. Shanelle purchased 4 pencils for $0.28 each. If she had a $5 bill, how much money did she have left after purchasing the pencils?
  5. A train took 1.2 hours to go 73.8 miles from Cary to Fayetteville. Find the rate of the train.
  6. I have a pile of DVD’s. Each DVD has a height of 0.3 cm. If the pile is 75 cm tall, how many DVD’s are there in the pile?

Word Problems With Decimals

Solve word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal numbers.


  1. Matt deposits a check for $234.95 into his checking account. He now has a total of $1,479.87 in the account. How much was the account before the deposit?
  2. Stan compares his checkbook record with his monthly bank statement that says he has $876.47. Stan sees that checks for $32.85, $97.10 and $158.78 have not been cashed yet. How much money does Stan really have available?
  3. An ad for a computer system lists the price as $899.95. There is an instant rebate of $55.55 and a mail-in rebate of $66.66. What is the final price of the system after both rebates?
  4. At work, Amy receives $22.25 per hour for up to 40 hours per week. Any time beyond that is paid at a rate of $37.80 per hour. If she receives $1,173.50 in her paycheck, how much time did she work that week?
  5. The total receipts for a basketball game is $1,400 for 788 tickets sold. Adults pay $2.50 and students pay $1.25. How many tickets of each kind were sold?

Decimals Word Problem Using Block Model

Solving a 2-part decimals word problem using block modeling.

David took a walk around a park twice. He took 12.4 minutes to walk the first round. In the second round, he took 3.2 fewer minutes than he did the first round. How long did David take to complete his walk altogether?

How to solve decimal word problems using tape diagrams?

The following video shows an example of a decimal word problem.

Manny tracked the amount of food he ate from Monday to Friday. He ate 16.3 pounds of food. On Monday, he ate 3.2 pounds and on Tuesday, he ate 2.9 pounds. He ate an equal amount on the other three days. How much did he eat on those days?

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