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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn how to solve decimal word problems in Singapore Math.

Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Decimals, Word Problem Q5
A word problem to reinforce the concepts of 1) multiplying decimals by 10s and 2) rounding off decimals.
The price of a happy meal is $4.15. How much does 10 such happy meals cost? Round off your answer to the nearest dollar.
Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Decimals, Word Problem Q6
An intermediate level word problem on decimals involving rounding off.
An LED TV costs $5849 when paid by cash. If Ales buys the LED TV with 60 installments of $108.31 each, how much more than the case price does the LED TV costs him? Give your answer to the nearest dollar.

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Decimals, Word Problem Q7
An advanced level math word problem involving decimals, fractions and measurement solved using the model drawing method of problem solving.
Mrs. Jones bought 1.65 kg of meat. She cooked a pie using 1/3 of it and froze the rest. What is the mass of the meat in grams that she froze?
Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Decimals, Word Problem Q8
A word problem on how to compare decimals involving measurement (volume) and using models.
At a school fair, Jimmy and Ricky had juice stalls. Jimmy sold 160 glasses each containing 265 ml of juice, while Ricky sold 30 bottles each containing 1.352 liters of juice. Who sold a greater volume of juice?

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