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Decimal Word Problems

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Examples and solutions of addition and subtraction decimal word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method to solve word problems. Go to Math Word Problems for more examples.

How to solve a 2-part decimals word problem using block modeling (tape diagramming)?
Decimal Word Problem using Block Model (Tape Diagram)
David took a walk around a park twice. He took 12.4 minutes to walk the first round. In the second round, he took 3.2 fewer minutes than he did the first round. How long did David take to complete his walk altogether?
Solving Complex Fractional and Decimal Word Problems Using Tape Diagrams
This video shows how to use tape diagrams to solve complex fractional and decimal word problems.
(1) Chase volunteers at an animal shelter after school, feeding and playing with cats.
(a) If he can make 5 servings of cat food from a third os a kilogram of food, how much does one serving weigh?
(b) If Chase wants to give this same serving size to each of the 20 cats, how many kilograms of food would he need?

(2) Mrs Geronimo has a $10 gift certificate to her local bakery
(a) If she buys a slice of pie for $2.20 and uses the rest of the gift certificate to buy chocolate macaroons that cost $0.60 each, how many macaroons can Ms. Geronimo buy?
(b) If she changes her mind and instead buys a loaf of bread for $4.60 and uses the rest to buy cookies that cost 1 1/2 times as much as the macaroons, how many cookies can she buy?

Singapore Math, Grade 5 / Primary 5: Decimals, Word Problem Q1
A decimal word problem of basic difficulty level involving subtraction of two decimals and unit conversion. Problem solved using model method.
Ray was 53 cm long at birth. He is 5 years old now and is 1.12 m tall. How much has Ray grown in height in the past 5 years? Express your answer in centimeters as well as meters. Singapore Math, Grade 5/ Primary 5: Decimals, Word Problem
An intermediate level word problem on decimals involving measurement and unit conversion. Uses the model method of problem solving.
2 soda bottles together contain 11 times as much beverage as a can of soda. If each soda bottle contains 1.8 liters of beverage, how much beverage (in ml) does each can of soda contain? Singapore Maths, Grade 5 / Primary 5: Decimals, Word Problem Q10
An advanced level math word problem involving decimals, measurement (mass) and unit conversion, explained using the model method of problem solving.
Mary has 5 lambs each having a mass of 12 kg. Mary shears 1200 grams of wool from each lamb. What is the total mass of the lambs after the shearing? Give your answer in kg. Singapore Maths, Grade 5 / Primary 5: Decimals, Word Problem Q11
A challenging math word problem involving decimals and explained using the model method of problem solving.
A kite and a spool cost $29.75 together. Jason paid $228.55 for 12 kites and 5 spools. How much will Ted pay for 2 kits and 4 spools?

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