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Songs to teach Grade 3 students how to convert from decimals to fractions, how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.

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Fractions and Decimals
A song/rap to show how to convert fractions to decimals, how to convert decimals to fractions, and how to convert decimals to percent.

Add and subtract decimal rap
When you add and subtract decimals there must be a rule
Line up the dot and give it all you’ve got

Multiplying Decimals Song
When you’re multiplying decimals, you must scoop
First you ignore the decimal, multiply like normal
Then you scoop and move your decimal places too.

Ordering Decimals Song
Line up the decimal points vertically;
look left to right horizontally;
compare the greatest place that’s different;
the greater number will become apparent.

How to Convert Fractions to Decimals Song?
I asked my friend, “Which way is optimal
to convert a fraction to a decimal?
I gotta know now; I can’t wait ‘til later.”
She said “Divide the numerator by the denominator.”
So I asked, “Huh, well how can that be done?
As far as I know, two doesn’t go into one.”
She said, “Listen, here’s what you need to know:
just write a decimal point, followed by a zero.
And you know two goes into ten five times;
then the decimal point rises above the line!”
The numerator becomes the dividend.
Then write a decimal point and a zero in the tenths.
Divide and write the decimal point in the quotient.
So, one half and five tenths are equivalent

How to Convert Decimals to Percents Song?
Here’s how you represent a decimal as a percent.
Move the decimal point two places right; then write a percent sign.
A decimal is a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten.
A percent is a portion out of one hundred.
And the workload is minimal to convert a percent to a decimal.
The decimal point moves left two places; then the percent sign erases.

Decimal Song
Decimal numbers represent fractional values in groups of ten
Let’s wake up what we already know
Then we’ll make that knowledge grow
Like percents and fractions
Decimal numbers are all about expressing part of a whole
Tenths, hundredths, thousandths

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