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Average Word Problems

Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, and activities to help students learn to solve word problems in Singapore Math.

Data Analysis: What is average?
Find out what average is and how its formula is derived
Average, Word Problem Q1
A word problem on average to show how to analyze data.
The table below shows the books that Louis borrowed from the library. What is the average number of pages that each book has?

Average, Word Problem Q2
A word problem on average to show how to analyze data.
The average age of 3 girls is 11 years. The average age of 2 of the girls is 12 years. What is the age of the third girl?
Average, Word Problem Q3
A word problem explaining how to calculate average.
A team of 5 friends gets an average pocket money of $15 per week. A sixth friend who gets $21 as pocket money per week joins their team. What is the average pocket money of the team now?
Average, Word Problem Q4
A word problem explaining how to calculate actual data when average is given.
Amy, Dennis and Ruby have an average salary of $2650 per month. Amy earns twice as much as Dennis and Ruby earns $260 more than Amy each month. What is Ruby's monthly salary?

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