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Correlation vs Causation

Video lessons, examples and solutions to help High School students learn to distinguish between correlation and causation.

Common Core: HSS-ID.C.9

Correlation v. Causation
The difference between correlation and causation.

Correlation vs Causation.

Correlation and Causality
Understanding why correlation does not imply causality (even though many in the press and some researchers often imply otherwise).

Explain that a correlation does not establish that there is a causal relationship
A correlation is a relationship between two variables. If both variables increase, or both variables decrease, this is described as a positive correlation. If when one variable increases the other decreases (or vice versa) this is described as a negative correlation.

A correlation can be identified from observations without a scientific experiment. However, just because there exists a relationship between two variables, this does not indicate that there is necessarily a causal relationship between the two - there may be other variables influencing the relationship which have not been shown.

To establish cause in a relationship a controlled scientific experiment must be done.

Inappropriate Data Usage - 9th-12th Grades Common Core Mathematics
CC.9-12.S.ID.9 -- Distinguish between correlation and causation.

Correlation vs. Causation.

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