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Create Conversion Tables - Time

Videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to create conversion tables for units of time, and use the tables to solve problems.

Topic A: Measurement Conversion Tables

Common Core Standards: 4.OA.1, 4.OA.2, 4.MD.1, 4.NBT.5, 4.MD.2

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NYS Common Core Grade 4, Module 7, Lesson 3

Download worksheet for Grade 4, Module 7, Lesson 3 (Pdf)

Lesson 3 Homework

Use RDW to solve Problems 1–2.

1. Jeffrey practiced his drums from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. How many minutes did he practice? Use the number line to show your work.

2. Isla used her computer for 5 hours over the weekend. How many minutes did she spend on the computer?

3. Complete the following conversion tables and write the rule under each table.
The rule for converting hours to minutes is ___
The rule for converting days to hours is ___

4. Solve.
a. 10 hours 30 minutes = __________ minutes
b. 6 minutes 15 seconds = ______ seconds
c. 4 days 20 hours = __________ hours
d. 3 minutes 45 seconds = ______ seconds
e. 23 days 21 hours = __________ hours
f. 17 hours 5 minutes = _______ minutes

5. Explain how you solved Problem 4(f).

6. It took a space shuttle 8 minutes, 36 seconds to launch and reach outer space. How many seconds did it take?

7. Apollo 16’s mission lasted just over 1 week, 4 days. How many hours are there in 1 week, 4 days?

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