Construct A Triangle Given One Side And Two Angles

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In this lesson, we will learn how to construct a triangle when given two angles and the side between them (ASA).


Construct a triangle ABC, given that BC is 3 cm, ∠ ABC = 60˚ and ∠ BCA = 45˚.


Step 1:

Using the steps described in constructing a 60˚ angle, we construct ∠ B = 60˚ and length of BC = 3 cm.

Step 2 :

To get ∠ C = 45˚, we have to first get a 90˚ angle and then bisect it to 45˚. Using the steps described in Section 1.5, we construct a line perpendicular (90˚) to BC and passing through C. Then, we construct an angle bisector for the right angle to complete the construction of angle ABC.

Construct Triangle ASA

How to construct a triangle given two angles and the length of the side in between (ASA)?

Construct a triangle given one length and two angles

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