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Biodiversity is the amount of variety of organisms in a particular area and is typically used to measure the "health" of an ecosystem. Biodiversity usually encompasses genetic diversity (variations within individual populations), ecosystem diversity (within ecosystems) and landscape diversity (range of differing ecosystems within an area).
Habitat Destruction
Habitat destruction is when a natural habitat is altered or destroyed so that it can no longer support the species that lives there. A habitat is commonly defined as the environment where a particular species lives and habitat destruction can cause the migration or extinction of a species. Causes of habitat destruction include things like human activity, climate change, natural disasters and geological processes

Natural Resource Depletion
Natural resource depletion is loosely defined as when resources are used up in an area. Non-renewable resources (things like oil and trees) will eventually be depleted while renewable resources (things like wind and sun) typically are not entirely depleted.

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