Consecutive Even and Odd Integer Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve consecutive even and odd integer word problems.

How to find integers that are consecutive, consecutive even or consecutive odd?

Consecutive Even Integer Story Problem
This video demonstrates solving a story problem by choosing a variable, writing an equation and solving an equation. You would see this type of problem in an algebra class.
Example: Find two consecutive even integers such that the smaller added to four times the larger gives a sum of 28.

Consecutive Odd Integer, Solving
How to solve a word problem on the product of a consecutive odd integer using factoring.
Example: The product of two consecutive odd integers is 99. What are the numbers?


  1. Find three consecutive even integers such that the sum of the first and second equals the sum of the third and -10.
  2. Find three consecutive odd integers such that the sum of the first and third is 7 greater than the second decreased by 18.

The sum of 4 consecutive odd integers is 136. What are the 4 integers?

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