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Conditional Probability

Video lessons with examples and solutions to help High School students to understand the conditional probability of A given B as P(A and B)/P(B), and interpret independence of A and B as saying that the conditional probability of A given B is the same as the probability of A, and the conditional probability of B given A is the same as the probability of B.

Lessons here cover:

  • Understand conditional probability and how it applies to real-life events.
  • Use p(A|B) = p(A ∩ B)/p(B) to calculate conditional probabilities.
  • Understand that events A and B are independent if and only if they satisfy p(A|B) = p(A) or satisfy p(B|A) = p(B).
  • Apply the definition of independence to a variety of chance events.

Common Core: HSS-CP.A.3

Conditional Probability
This video explains how to determine conditional probability.

How to Calculate Conditional Probability
Tutorial on how to calculate conditional probability for two events P(A), P(B), P(B|A) with two examples.

Conditional Probability: Basic Definition
This is a sample video from my tutorial course on the Rules for Reasoning with Probabilities. In this video I introduce the basic definition of conditional probability as it's defined in standard probability theory.

Basic Conditional Probability Example
This video looks at a basic conditional probability example. Conditional probability is simply calculating a probability on the 'condition' that something already happened. In this case, the condition we assume is that John already selected a science card when selecting the next card.

Conditional Probability, Multiplication Rule, and Independence.

Conditional probability and independence---examples.

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