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Components of a Force

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Videos, worksheets, games and activities to help PreCalculus students learn to obtain the components of a force using vectors.

Components of a Force :
In order to understand the significance of a force vector we must understand the components of force. The components of a force can be seen with horizontal and vertical change when looking at the geometric representation or as the numbers in the algebraic representation. The components of a force represent the combined vertical and horizontal forces that combine to make the resultant force.

How to resolve a force or split a force into components?
Resolving a force involves replacing a force by two forces at right angles to one another that has the same effect as the single force. The forces that replace the single force are called components of that force. We can use sin and cos of an angle to determine the horizontal and vertical components of a force.
Components of a force
This is a brief description of the resolution of vectors into components using the case of an applied force on an oblique angle.

Inclined Plane Force Components
Figuring out the components of the force due to gravity that are parallel and perpendicular to the surface of an inclined plane.

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