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Comparing And Ordering Numbers

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How to Compare Two Numbers?

When we compare two numbers, there are three possibilities:
  • The first number is greater than the second (4 > 2).
  • The second number is greater than the first (2 < 3)
  • The two numbers are equal (6 = 6)


Which number is smaller, 246 738 or 246 951?


Line up the digits.

Compare Numbers

Compare the digits starting from the left. Find the first place that they differ

In this example, the digits in the hundreds place are not the same.

7 is smaller than 9.

So, 246 738 is smaller than 246 951.

How to Order Numbers?

When ordering numbers, we can compare the numbers two at a time. We can also use the following method.


Arrange the following numbers in increasing order

425 876, 425 987, 425 856


Line up the numbers vertically

Compare the digits starting from the left.

Arranging the numbers in increasing order, we get

425 856, 425 876, 425 987

How to use place value to compare numbers as greater than or less than and how to order numbers as greatest to least or least to greatest?

How to compare and order a given set of numbers?
Arrange the following numbers from the least to greatest
10,315, 812, 5,642, 819, 4,329
How to use a place value chart to compare and order whole numbers?
Compare the two numbers: 1,387,513 and 1,385,787

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