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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 13 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 13
Worksheets for Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 13

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to compare volume using more than, less than, and the same as by pouring.

Topic D: Comparison of Volume

Lesson 13 Concept Development and Problem Set

With your clay, create a cup that could hold just enough milk for a little kitten to drink. Show your cup to your friend. Do you think your cups would hold the same amount?

Talk to your partner about which container might have more or less capacity. Which might have about the same capacity? What happens if the containers are not filled up to the top? Can we tell that they are filled completely by the pictures?

  1. How were we comparing today? Were we comparing length, weight, or the number of objects?
  2. What does the word capacity mean to you?
  3. Which of your containers had the most capacity?
  4. Which had the least capacity?
  5. Did the shape of the container make a difference in how much it could hold?
  6. Were you surprised by anything you found out during this activity?
  7. What new (or significant) math vocabulary did we use today to communicate precisely?

Lesson 13 Homework

In class we have been working on volume and capacity. Encourage your child to explore with different size containers to see which ones have the most and least capacity. Children could experiment by pouring liquid from one container to another in the sink or bathtub.

The homework you will see for the next few days will all be a review of fluency work from Module 1.

Each rectangle shows 6 objects. Circle 2 different sets within each. The first one is done for you.

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