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Compare Totals Below to New Groups Below

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Common Core Math Lessons, Math Worksheets and Games for Grade 2
Common Core Math Lessons, Math Worksheets and Games for all grades

Examples and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn how to compare totals below to new groups below as written methods.

Common Core Standards: 2.OA.1, 2.NBT.7, 2.NBT.9

New York State Common Core Math Grade 2, Module 4, Lesson 30

NYS Math Module 4 Grade 2 Lesson 30

Lesson 30 Concept Development

Distinguish between the two written methods for addition: compare totals below and new groups below.

Lesson 30 Problem Set

3. Solve each problem two different ways.
a. 134 + 48

Lesson 30 Homework

2. Here is one way to solve 145 + 67. For (a), solve 145 + 67 another way.
b. Explain how the two ways to solve 145 + 67 are similar.

3. Show another way to solve 142 + 39.

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