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Chemical Equilibrium

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This is a series of lectures in videos covering topics in General Chemistry. They are conducted by Dr. Chuck Wight who teaches chemistry at the University of Utah.

Chemical Equilibrium I
This General Chemistry lecture introduces the concept of chemical equilibrium. We describe the dependence of the Gibbs Free Energy on pressure and concentration, and derive the existence of the equilibrium constant for a reaction. Using the dimerization of nitrogen dioxide as an example, we show how to calculate the equilibrium partial pressures or concentrations for any reaction from any initial conditions using thermodynamic data
Chemical Equilibrium II
This General Chemistry lecture continues a discussion of equilibrium chemical systems. We describe the temperature dependence of the Gibbs Free Energy, temperature dependence of the equilibrium constant, and the response of equilibrium systems to changes in concentrations or pressures of reactants and products, as well as changes in temperature. La Chatelier's Princuple

Phase Equilibria
General Chemistry lecture covering thermodynamic phase transitions: melting, vaporization and sublimation. We describe how to compute the melting point, boiling point and equilibrium vapor pressure of any substance at any temperature from thermodynamic data. We describe P-T phase diagrams for pure substances and the phase rule for the number of independent thermodynamic degrees of freedom for pure substances and mixtures.

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