Cell Biology

A collection of videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology.

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The major mutations found in the living world.
Starts with an analogy comparing the information in DNA with the information in a recipe. Changes in the DNA can result in changes to the protein, like changes in the recipe can result in changes in the food.
Describes the three major point mutations; substitutions, deletions and insertions.
Also describes several chromosomal mutations.

The Immune System
How your body protects itself from invading viruses and bacteria?
Describes the nonspecific immune responses of skin and inflammation.
Explains how we use antibodies to disrupt the function of antigens and mark them for destruction.
Explains both the homoral and cell-mediated immune response highlighting the importance of B and T lymphocytes.
Describes the process of long term immunity.

Explains the process of photosynthesis by which plants and algae can convert carbon dioxide into useable sugar.
Begins with a brief description of the chloroplast.
Describes the major pigments in a plant (like chlorophyll a and b).
Describes both the light reaction and the Calvin cycle.
Discussion of photorespiration and strategies for avoiding this problem evolved in CAM and C4 plants.

Organelle Movement on Microtubules
This video demonstrates the movement of organelles on microtubules.

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