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A collection of videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology.

The function of hemagglutinin on viruses during infection, intermediate filaments, structure and function of kinesin.

This video explains the function of hemagglutinin on viruses during infection.
Learn how flu viruses get into and out of your cells using Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase proteins on their surface.
Microfilaments and intermediate filaments
This video describes the structure and function of intermediate filaments.

Keratocyte Dance
Keratocytes are specialized for very rapid motility in order to heal scratches.
This video describes the structure and function of kinesin.
Masterpieces of microengineering, kinesins are motorized transport machines that move cellular materials to their correct locations in the cell so they can perform their functions. Kinesins have two feet, or "globular heads," that literally walk, one foot over another. Known as the "workhorses of the cell," kinesins can carry cargo many times their own size.

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