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Applications of Calculus

A series of free Calculus Video Lessons from UMKC - The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Calculus I – Lecture 16

Analyzing the Graphs of Functions I 

  • Increasing & Decreasing Functions: The 1st Derivative Applied [16 min.]
  • Functions Concave Up or Concave Down: The 2nd Derivative Applied [14 min.]
  • When Concavity Changes: Inflection Points [19 min.]
  • Logistic Growth Curves: A Brief Look [3 min.]
  • Some Exercises [14 min.]
Calculus I – Lecture 17

Analyzing the Graphs of Functions II 

  • Local Maximums & Minimums [11 min.]
  • The 1st Derivative Test for Local Maximums & Minimums [7.5 min.]
  • The 2nd Derivative Test for Local Maximums & Minimums [9.5 min.]
  • Polynomial Function Graphs [15 min.]
  • Some Exercises [17.5 min.]

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