Binomial Experiments

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Examples and solutions for High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED.

Binomial Probability Experiments
An experiment is a binomial experiment if:

  1. It is repeated a fixed number of times.
  2. The trials are independent.
  3. Trials have two mutually exclusive outcomes, either success or failure.
  4. The probability of success is the same for all trials.
    In a recent survey, it was found that 85% of households in the United States have High-Speed Internet. If you take a sample of 18 households, what is the probability that exactly 15 will have High-Speed Internet?
  5. Is this experiment being repeated a fixed number of times?
  6. Are the trials independent?
  7. Are there two mutually exclusive outcomes?
  8. Is the probability of success the same for all trials?

Binomial Experiments
Binomial experiments are described and the probability of k successes in n trials calculated

Binomial Experiments Part 2
TI-83+ calculator used to compute the values of a binomial probability distribution (bnompdf and binomcdf)

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