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Area & Perimeter of Rectangles (Grade 4)


Videos and lessons to help Grade 4 students learn to apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. 

For example, find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the flooring and the length, by viewing the area formula as a multiplication equation with an unknown factor

Common Core: 4.MD.3

Suggested Learning Targets

  • I can explain the area and perimeter formula.
  • I can use the formulas to solve problems.

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Common Core for Grade 4

Area Formula for Square or Rectangle.

Perimeter and Area of Squares and Rectangles
• Definitions of perimeter and area.
• How to find perimeter and area of squares and rectangles.
• Area formulas for squares and rectangles.
• Several examples narrated and explained.
• Each polygon or figure shown with square units.

Missing Lengths Given Area or Perimeter - 4.MD.3
In this video, students will learn to solve real world problems using the formulas for area and perimeter. This video relates to Common Core Standard 4.MD.3. Students learn to solve for a missing side given the perimeter or area.

Area of a Rectangular Figure
Part of a floor is covered with a square tile design. What is the area of the tiled part of the floor?

Area of a Rectangle
1) Find the area of the rectangle.
2) How many floor tiles, 1 foot on each side, are needed to cover the floor of a room that is 8 feet wide and 12 feet long?

Area of Rectangles
Learn to compute the area of a rectangle
1) Find the area of the rectangle.
2) Tom and Harry are building a rectangular patio measuring 9 yd by 7 yd. How many square feet of tile would they need?

Area of Rectangles
Learn to find the area of rectangles
a) Find the area of the rectangle
b) A school building measures 30 ft by 30 ft. How much lan does it cover?

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