Area and Applications of Circles, Sectors & Segments

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Videos and solutions to help GCSE Maths students learn how to find the area of circles, sectors and segments and their applications.

How to Calculate Areas of Sectors and Segments?
Area of segment = Area of sector - Area of triangle

  1. Find the area of sector with a central angle of 60° and radius 8.
  2. The area of a sector is 8π and the radius of the circle is 12. What is the central angle?
  3. Find the area of the segment with radius 24 and central angle of 120°?

Area Of Sector And Segment Examples
Example 1: Find the area of sector AOB
Example 2: Find the area of segment ADB

Area of a Circle - Applications
Learn to apply area of circles to real life problems
A circular window has a diameter of 6 ft. Find the area of the glass needed to fill the window. Use 3.14 for π

Circles - Area of a Sector
Learn how to find the area of a sector of a circle
Example 1:
Segment AC is a diameter of circle D and measures 14 cm. Central angle ADB measures 60°. Find the area and the circumference of sector ADB expressed in terms of π

Example 2:
A lawn sprinkler waters a circular portion of a yard. The radius of the circular potion is 7 ft. Calculate the area of the yard watered by the sprinkler to the nearest square foot.

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