AP Statistics 2022 Exam Questions & Answers

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Statistics 2022 Exam

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Questions (pdf)

Corrections/Clarifications for Question 3:
part (c) was not a yes/no question. Need to have explicitly state that I recommend the old programming.

Corrections/Clarifications for Question 6:
part (d), Should have said explicitly that it’s different.

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 1

  1. A biologist gathered data on the length, in millimeters (mm), and the mass, in grams (g), for all bullfrogs. The data are shown in Plot 1…

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 2
2. A dermatologist will conduct an experiment to investigate the effectiveness of a new drug to treat acne…

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 3
3. A machine at a manufacturing company is programmed to fill shampoo bottles such that the amount of shampoo in each bottles is normally distributed with means 0,60 liter and standard deviation 0,04 liter …

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 4
4. A survey conducted by a national research center asked a random sample of 920 teenagers in the United States how often they use a video streaming service …

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 5
5. Studies have shown that foods rich in compounds known as flavonoids help lower blood pressure…

AP Statistics 2022 Exam Question 6
6. To compare success rates for treating allergies at two clinics that specialize in treating allergy sufferers, researchers selected random samples of patient records from the two clinics…

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