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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Statistics 2021 Exam

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Questions (pdf)

Corrections for Question 3:
(b) I left out an interpretation of the expected value. One way to write it would be to say “An employee would receive on average 0.26 gift cards per year over a large number of years participating in this program”.
(c) I should have referenced the probability of X=0 which is 0.7705, not 0.2295.

Corrections for Question 5:
(a) I misread on this part. You should be calculating from the “city’s sample”, not the entire sample. So the denominators for those calculations should be for the total of Baltimore. The proportion for Baltimore is 0.804, the proportion for Detroit is 0.74, and the proportion for San Diego is 0.65. So the researcher is incorrect.

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 1

  1. The length of stay in a hospital after receiving a particular treatment is of interest to the patient, the hospital, and insurance providers. Of particular interest are unusually short or long lengths of stay…

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 2
2. Researchers will conduct a year-long investigation of walking and cholesterol levels in adults. They will select a random sample of 100 adults from the target population to participate as subjects in the study. …

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 3
3. To increase morale among employees, a company began a program in which one employee is randomly selected each week to receive a gift card. …

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 4
4. The manager of a large company that sells pet supplies online wants to increase sales by encouraging repeat purchases. …

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 5
5. A research center conducted a national survey about teenage behavior.

AP Statistics 2021 Exam Question 6
6. Attendance at games for a certain baseball team is being investigated by the team owner. …

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