AP Physics C 2022 Exam Questions & Answers, Set 2

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics C 2022: Mechanics Exam Set 2

AP Physics C 2022 Exam Questions Set 2 (pdf)

AP Physics C 2022 Exam Question 1

  1. A small sled slides across a rough horizontal table with an initial velocity v0. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the table is μk. A string connects the sled to a device on the ground. The device maintains constant tension FT in the string by unwinding the string as the sled slides to the right. The total mass of the sled is m. The string is attached to the device at x = 0 and at a height of y, as shown in Figure 1. The horizontal position of the sled is represented by x, as shown in Figure 2. Express all algebraic answers in terms of m, μk, FT , x, y, and physical constants, as appropriate.

AP Physics C 2022 Exam Question 2
2. Block 1 of mass m1 is held at rest while compressing an ideal spring an amount Δx. The spring constant of the spring is k . Block 2 has mass m2, where m2 < m1. At time t = 0, Block 1 is released. At time tC, the spring is no longer compressed and Block 1 immediately collides with and sticks to Block 2. The blocks stick together and the two-block system moves with constant speed v, as shown. Frictional effects are negligible.

AP Physics C 2022 Exam Question 3
3. A uniform board of length L and mass m is attached to a pivot L/4 from the left end of the board. The left end of the board is attached to an ideal spring of spring constant k that is attached to the ground. The right end of the board is initially held by a student so that the spring is unstretched, as shown in Figure 1. The student slowly lowers and then releases the board. The board remains at rest in the horizontal position, with the spring stretched, as shown in Figure 2. The rotational inertia of the board about the pivot is I.

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