AP Physics C 2021 Exam Questions & Answers, Set 1

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics C 2021: Mechanics Exam Set 1

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Questions Set 1 (pdf)

Corrections for Q3 Solutions: Parts (d) and (e), the chain rule (and product rule) is needed to find the derivative of theta (which is angular velocity). The graph and conclusions are essentially correct, but the first and second derivatives of torque are slightly more complicated.

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 1

  1. A 0.50 kg fan cart is placed on a level, horizontal track of negligible friction, as shown. The fan is turned on and the fan cart is released from rest and moves to the right. The cart travels along the horizontal track and then down an incline.

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 2
2. A block of mass m starts from rest at point A and travels with negligible friction through the loop onto a horizontal surface, where the block make contact with a spring of spring constant …

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 3
3. A triangular rod of length L and mass M has a nonuniform linear mass density given by the equation …

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