AP Physics C 2021 Exam Questions & Answers, Set 2

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics C 2021: Mechanics Exam Set 2

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Questions Set 2 (pdf)

Corrections for Q2 Solutions: For #2 (b), each segment should have a mass M/2 and a total mass of M. The end result for center of mass is still correct though.

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 1

  1. Students design an experiment using blocks of adjustable mass to investigate friction using the setup shown. Block 1 of initial mass 0.44 kg is place on a rough horizontal surface and connected to a block 2 of initial mass 0.20 kg. The string extends over a pulley that has negligible mass and friction. …

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 2
2. Object A is a long, thin, uniform rod of mass M and length 2L, that is free to rotate about a pivot of negligible fraction at its left end, as shown above …

AP Physics C 2021 Exam Question 3
3. A block of mass m is placed on top of an ideal spring of spring constant k. The block is pushed against the spring compressing the spring a distance Δx. The block is released from rest, leaves the spring at the position shown in the figure, travels upward and enters a track with a constant radius of cirvature R that has negligible friction. …

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