AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Questions & Answers

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics 1 2021

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Questions (pdf)

Corrections for Question 1:
part a) should be 4H0 sin(θ)cos(θ), or 2H0 sin(2θ)
part c) the graph should start at √(2gH0) × sin(θ).

Corrections for Question 5:
The slope after tc would be even greater than 3x because the rotational inertia has been reduced.

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 1

  1. A stunt cyclist builds a ramp that will allow the cyclist to coast down the ramp and jump over several parked cars, as shown above. To test the ramp, the cyclist starts from rest at the top of the ramp, then leaves the ramp, jumps over six cars, and lands on a second ramp. …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 2
2. A group of students is investigating how the thickness of a plastic rod affects the maximum force Fmax with which the rod can be pulled without breaking. Two students are discussing models to represent how Fmax depends on rod thickness …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 3
3. (a) A student of mass MS, standing on a smooth surface, uses a stick to push a disk of mass MD. The student exerts a constant horizontal force of magnitude FH over the time interval from time t = 0 to t = tf while pushing the disk …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 4
4. A cylinder of mass m0 is placed at the top of an incline of length L0 and height H0, as shown above, and released from rest. The cylinder rolls without slipping down the incline and then continues rolling along a horizontal surface …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 5
5. Two pulleys with different radii are attached to each other so that they rotate together about a horizontal axle through their common center …

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