AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Questions & Answers

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics 1 2019

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Questions (pdf)

Corrections for Question 2:
It should be T2 is greater than T1.

Corrections for Question 5:
The graph should have a cusp at L/2 instead of it looking like a smooth transition.

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Question 1

  1. Identical blocks 1 and 2 are placed on a horizontal surface at points A and E, respectively, as shown. The surface is frictionless except for the region between points C and D, where the surface is rough. Beginning at time At , block 1 is pushed with a constant horizontal force from point A to point B by a mechanical plunger. Upon reaching point B, block 1 loses contact with the plunger and continues moving to the right along the horizontal surface toward block 2. Block 1 collides with and sticks to block 2 at point E, after which the two-block system continues moving across the surface, eventually passing point F. (a) On the axes below, sketch the speed of the center of mass of the two-block system as a function of time, from time At until the blocks pass point F at time Ft . The times at which block 1 reaches points A through F are indicated on the time axis …

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Question 2
2. This problem explores how the relative masses of two blocks affect the acceleration of the blocks. Block A, of mass mA, rests on a horizontal tabletop. There is negligible friction between block A and the tabletop. Block B, of mass mB , hangs from a light string that runs over a pulley and attaches to block A, as shown above. The pulley has negligible mass and spins with negligible friction about its axle. The blocks are released from rest. …

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Question 3
3. A projectile launcher consists of a spring with an attached plate, as shown in Figure 1. When the spring is compressed, the plate can be held in place by a pin at any of three positions A, B, or C. For example, Figure 2 shows a steel sphere placed against the plate, which is held in place by a pin at position C. The sphere is launched upon release of the pin. A student hypothesizes that the spring constant of the spring inside the launcher has the same value for different compression distances. …

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Question 4
4. A motor is a device that when connected to a battery converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The motor shown above is used to lift a block of mass M at constant speed from the ground to a height H above the ground in a time interval Δt. The motor has constant resistance and is connected in series with a resistor of resistance R1 and a battery. …

AP Physics 1 2019 Exam Question 5
5. A tuning fork vibrating at 512 Hz is held near one end of a tube of length L that is open at both ends, as shown above. The column of air in the tube resonates at its fundamental frequency. The speed of sound in air is 340 m/s. …

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