AP Physics 2 2021 Exam Questions & Answers

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Questions & Worked Solutions For AP Physics 2 2021

AP Physics 2 2021 Exam Questions (pdf)

Corrections for Question 1:
part (a)(i): Should explicitly measure the radius r
part (a)(ii): Need to add atmospheric pressure (Po) to find the total pressure in the cylinder.

Corrections for Question 3:
Part (b), the current should just drop, but not necessarily by half as the resistance is simply increased in general, but not necessarily by 2x.

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 1

  1. A sample of ideal gas is taken through the thermodynamic cycle shown above. Process C is isothermal. …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 2
2. A group of students design an experiment to investigate the relationship between the density and pressure of a sample of gas at a constant temperature. …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 3
3. An electromagnet produces a magnetic field that is uniform in a certain region and zero outside that region. …

AP Physics 1 2021 Exam Question 4
4. Light and matter can be modeled as waves or as particles. …

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