AP Chemistry 2020 Questions And Answers

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Questions And Worked Solutions For AP Chemistry 2020 Sample Exam

AP Chemistry 2020 Free Response Questions - Complete Paper (pdf)

2020 AP Chemistry Free Response #1 Answers

  1. Common additives to drinking water include elemental chlorine, chloride ions, and phosphate ions. Recently, reports of elevated lead levels in drinking water have been reported in cities with pipes that contain lead, Pb(s). When Cl2(aq) flows through a metal pipe containing Pb(s), some of the lead atoms oxidize, losing two electrons each, and aqueous chloride ions form.. …
  1. Methanoic acid, HCOOH(aq) , is a monoprotic acid that can be synthesized by the reaction between CO and NH3 in the presence of hydronium ions. A proposed mechanism for the reaction consists of the three elementary steps shown below. …

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