AP Biology 2020 Sample Questions And Answers

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Questions And Worked Solutions For AP Biology 2020 Sample Exam

2020 AP Biology Sample Free Response Questions & Solutions

AP Biology 2020 Sample Free Response Questions - Complete Paper (pdf)

  1. In many countries, Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting the parasite that causes malaria to people through their bites. A primary tool for mosquito control is the use of insecticidal nets sprayed with chemicals known as pyrethroids, which are relatively safe for people but toxic to mosquitoes. However, mosquito resistance to pyrethroids has now become widespread. Pyrethroids interfere with the function of a transmembrane sodium channel found in cells of the mosquitoes (Figure 1). In one common mutation to the channel protein, a phenylalanine is substituted for a leucine at amino acid position 1014. Scientists hypothesize that this mutation is responsible for some cases of pyrethroid resistance. …

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