Analyze Data to Problem Solve

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help Grade 3 students learn how to analyze data to problem solve.

Common Core Standards: 3.MD.4

New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 6, Lesson 9

Worksheets for Grade 3

Lesson 9 Application Problem
Marla creates a line plot with a half-inch scale from 33 to 37 inches. How many tick marks will be on her line plot?

Concept Development
Problem 1: Solve problems with categorical data.
Problem 2: Solve problems with measurement data.

Lesson 9 Homework

  1. The table below shows the amount of money Danielle saves for four months.
    Create a picture graph below using the data in the table.
  2. Use the table or graph to answer the following questions.
    a. How much money does Danielle save in four months?
    b. How much more money does Danielle save in March and April than in January and February?
    c. Danielle combines her savings from March and April to buy books for her friends. Each book costs $9. How many books can she buy?
    d. Danielle earns $33 in January. She buys a necklace for $8 and a birthday present for her brother. She saves the rest of her money. How much does the birthday present cost?

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